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Annex Warehouse : Now Operational !


Annex Warehouse is now operational to serve and accommodate more projects and requirements of export orders. more.

Annex Warehouse, construction still on going...


Annex Warehouse, construction still on going... more.

Warehouse Annex. . . Soon To Rise 2015


In order to better serve our clients and improve our business process, plans are already rolling for the additional warehouse which will be opening soon. This 800sqm storage will accommodate more products and facilitate best deliveries. more.

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Electricity Power Failure due to Typhoon Glenda


anrcraftphils Team

We experienced electricity problem due to typhoon Glenda which is considered one of the most powerful storms to hit the Philippines this year.  The electricity just resumed in our area today and we apologized for no communication for 5 days.  Rest assured that will reply all correspondence as quickly as possible today.

See more news regarding Typhoon Glenda at :

Power Shortage due typhoon Glenda